The number of foreign-affiliated firms operating in Japan and the year-to-year increase of these firms, Source: Teikoku Databank

Reason One. With the happening of Olympics in 2021, Japan is expecting to have 3.5+ Trillion Yen from foreign visitors.

Reason Two.  With the happening of Olympics in 2021, Japan is expecting to have 20 + million people visiting from outside of the country which is more than the numbers of people who visit England in a year in a regular year which will stimulate Japanese economy.

Reason Three.  Economical goals in Japan is 1.boosting a domestic demand, increasing GDP and raising inflation. These goals can attain from foreign business integration and globalization which means Japan is supporting foreign investment, labours, and businesses to enter Japan. 

Reason Four.  You will also have access to 20+ millions of foreign travelers who are likely to spend more money  during the visit

Reason Five. Yen is cheap


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