Vendor Manager Consultant 

( Independent contractor) 

ForeignConnect is seeking an independent and well organized vendor manager & project manager who can manage vendors and serve for our clients communications. This person will be responsible to make sure our clients' needs are addressed properly to vendors we hire. 

Vendor managers facilitate and maintain vendor relationships between businesses and suppliers, negotiating contracts, creating vendor standards, and finding the best available vendors.

*** We are looking for partners and this is an independent contractor base which means that you will be working with our clients per contract base.***

Role & Responsibilities:

Vendor Recruiter 

Vendor managers research vendors to find the best products and prices available within a given market given our clients' specific needs. 

Account Managing 

You have to be the front face of any client needs. You are responsible for making sure all the communications and expectations between our vendors and clients happen smoothly and keeping our clients happy by addressing any demands that they have from vendors.

Vendor Managing

Vendor managers establish standards and guidelines for vendors, monitoring vendors to ensure these policies are being followed. Vendor managers also negotiate new and existing vendor contracts and cultivate the relationship further by communicating with them frequently to answer questions and check their satisfaction levels.

Project Managing

It is your responsibility to make sure that we deliver what we promise to the clients by overseeing vendors' work progress and make reports to the clients to set the right expectations.


  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Management or a related field (preferably a Master's degree).

  • 2-5 years of project management experience. 

  • The ability to provide excellent customer service.

  • Good people-management skills.

  • Ability to work in multi cultural teams

  • Business level Japanese (bonus - not required.)

If this is you, then email your resume at and join our list!