What customer want from brands today

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Genuine trusting relationship is the new brand currency.

There is something fundamentally changed in the way brands communicate today in the digital media as opposed to the traditional media. Social media made communication more inclusive, personal, hence made creators more responsible for what they put out. Due to the nature of public accessibility of social media, It is harder than ever today to fake who you are and who you are not as a brand because social media exposes you as it requires businesses to constantly make contents about the companies and engage with fans in order for them to be successful.

The only way to succeed in this accessible environments is to actually be the brand your customers want you to be!

In addition, engaging in client partnerships positively influences company sales and reinforces customer engagement. More than half of shoppers (57 percent) will increase their purchase on that brand as customers feel related to brands and 76 percent will purchase from them from a rival.

Today, more than ever, creating genuine relationships and showing the care for customers for the intent that is beyond revenue matters to them. How?

The key is creating strong branding and customer experience. More specifically, companies need to know what they stand for ( how they want to be a positive contribution to society), how to bring communities together around the cause, and how to communicate the purpose of the organization to their customers. Once these are defined, then the rest is about keeping the consistency in the delivery of action, which connects to a successful customer experience.

So you have two things to do now.

First, you need to be clear about who you are as an organization.

Two, you need to align customer experience reflecting your brand identity consistently across all interactions your customer has with the brand.

As much as it is not easy to deeply develop and understand your core purpose and brand principles around the brand, the latter is much more difficult.

“It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time.” - Bruce Springsteen

To be really successful on a long-term basis, customer experience needs to be seen as all these things, and more. It is the sum-totality of how customers engage with your company and brand, not just in a snapshot in time, but throughout the entire arc of being a customer. — Harvard Business Review

Although firms prefer to rely on the experience of post-sale, pre-sale is just as important. For anything else, it sets the mood. If a consumer wants outstanding quality and creative goods, however the business struggles to deliver, they will easily regret their buying decision. In the other hand, they're far more likely to be satisfied and engaged if the customer gets just what they expected.

3 major consistency according to Mickinsey

1. Consistency in customer journey

It is well recognized that firms must constantly strive to deliver better service to clients, with consistent procedures, regulations, and support systems in each region of the organization to ensure continuity during each contact. However few firms, except in addressing essential needs, can perform reliably through consumer journeys. In a world of progressively multichannel, multitouch consumer journeys, basic math explains why this is so important. In another word, you want to make overall customer experience more satisfying for the customers consistently than which makes experiences from individual interactions less important than their cumulative experience.

2. Emotional consistency

They conducted bank analysis and found that one of their survey's most illuminating findings was that optimistic feelings of consumer service, encompassed in a sense of confidence, were the strongest drivers of happiness and loyalty in most of the industries surveyed. What is also striking is how valuable the relational link guided by continuity is for client loyalty. "For bank clients, the top drivers for bank differentiation on customer experience were a brand I feel connected to and a brand that I can trust. What we would say from this is that one of the most important things organizations can do is to provide about clients and illustrate care. Listening to clients and fixing their pain are the secrets to delivering a good customer experience.Keep your ears stay on the customers. Check in with the customer service team and check in what the pain points are for your customers constantly.

3. Communication consistency

The brand is driven by more than the blend of commitments made and promises kept. What is also important is to ensure that consumers understand the fulfillment of those commitments, which include the proactive shaping of messaging and main phrases that emphasize delivery as well as themes consistently.

Reflect on the principles and distinguishing factors of your company. What makes you unique? In the first place, why do individuals choose to buy from you? Then, think about your latest experience with clients. From pre-sale forward are you sending the same message? Or do contradictions cause friction with the clients?

Align your words with the customer experience and make sure customers see it themselves.

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