Case Study : FASHIONNOVA as a Media Company

最終更新: 2020年12月22日


Have you heard of a brand called FASHIONNOVA ? FASHIONNOVA did a tremendous job in being a media company in 2017-2018.

Fashion Nova isn’t one of the famous fashion brands that have been established for decades and decades. Instead, it is a relative new-comer that has experienced meteoric success, as shown by the fact that it was one of the most searched-for fashion brands before brands like even gucci and channel on Google in 2017. Exact information about Fashion Nova’s performance numbers have not been revealed to the public, but there are comparable companies in comparable positions with revenues that must be measured in the hundreds of millions. - MoneyInc.

How did FASHIONNOVA succeed?

Promotion: ( Discovering new customers)


The biggest factor that made FASHIONNOVA as known as they are today is their successful Influencer Marketing. Yes, that's right! They did a tremendous job in conducting influencer marketing to promote their brand.

Fashion Nova started out as a brick-and-mortar store. What this company did tremendously differently was the fact that they were helped by people on Instagram showing off their products.

Some of these people wearing their products were established Instagram successes with sizable subscriber bases, which in turn, meant that they possessed a fair amount of sway over said individuals. Due to this, the founder caught the power of influencer marketing and started investing on it largely. They first started giving their products for free to said individuals. These campaigns were so successful that eventually, they even started paying some of the better-known influencers.

Media Company

Utilizing the influencer marketing, they skyrocketed their online presence in a relatively short time. Today, their follower grew as large as 19.3 million followers on Instrgram alone. Beyond their follower count, what they did very successfully was content marketing. They are more than a fashion company because Fashion Nova social media works like a media company. They feature and post photos of their community and influencers showcasing their brands.

They create their own contents with their own models and post them regularly.

They invite celebrities and influencers to the headquarter and post photos about it. They collaborate with celebrities like CardiB and Kylie ( from Kardashian Family) and create their original collections which also became great media assets. They also make memes that resonate with girls in their targeting age.

These activities all together speak very loudly and became the reason why FashionNova was the most searched brand on Google in 2017, beating all the other well established brands like gucci and channel.

Products: ( Maintaining existing customers )

As we spoke in the last post, promotion is all about getting in front of people - as many people as possible. But making sales is finding the right customers, and creating loyal customer base is about providing a great solution for the customers' needs.

So now, let's focus on what helped them sell and maintain their customer-base.

Massive Discount:

FashionNova often hosts flash sales containing 40-80% Off discounts. As we discussed in a previous blog post, giving a first time buyer a discount is an effective way to convert them from a prospect to a customer.

Product Price:

FashionNova's product pricing is very strategic and appropriate for the demographic they are after. Most of their products can be bought between $20-60 which is affordable to many young women.

Constant stream of new products

FashionNova offers clothing for women with hourglass figures, which isn’t necessarily easy to shop for else where.

Unique Products

FashionNova is in contact with something like 10,000 suppliers situated in the Los Angeles area. Due to this, Fashion Nova can make a new product in something like 48 hours, thus ensuring that its product selection will always be fresh.

These are some of the factors why FashionNova landed the level of success they did today. We are happy to help you customize strategies like this for your own business and help you grow your brand massively like FashionNova did.

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