Business Meeting
Over Seas Business Arrangement

We accompany you on business trips abroad and provide help for your local business.
Our employees with extensive experience in overseas business trips and management activities bridge the gaps created by cultural differences, such as language, culture, and thought, and help you create a business-friendly atmosphere. Our professional project management employees are happy to conduct related tasks for you, unlike general interpretation services, so you can concentrate on the company itself.

Service Values
  • Accompanying you while office hunting in a foreign country and giving you a business tour

  • Attending business conferences, networking events and business meetings in a foreign country

  • Providing support for smooth communication between you and your foreign business partners, vendors, or clients.



To deepen our comprehension of the content of the meeting to be held locally, we will hold a planning briefing. We build pre-meeting notes based on the briefing.

Meeting preparation 

We will help you create documents and materials that you need for the meeting 

Meeting day

We facilitate and lead the meeting between you and the people you are meeting with

Follow up 

We make sure there is no gap between the understandings of both parties, and create a document to make record of the meeting.