Global Country Manager Consultant 

( Independent contractor) 

ForeignConnect is seeking an independent and results-driven country manager who will work as part of the ForeignConnect and it's client teams to oversee all the business operations that accommodate with our clients' needs.

This person will be responsible for developing and managing logistical partnerships with vendors, driving and nurturing country sales, developing and implementing client's success sales, marketing and branding strategies, hiring teams for the local operations and reporting back to the headquarters by monthly. This role basically has to act as a Japanese CEO of a foreign company. If you enjoy an environment where you get to have disciplinary management experience, then this role is for you! 

*** We are looking for partners and this is an independent contractor base which means that you will be working with our clients per contract base.***

Role & Responsibilities:

Develop Operational Plans

From communications to warehousing, it is up to Country Managers to ensure that all aspects of a business operate smoothly. They ensure that a business’s in-country affiliate adheres to all country regulations and cultural guidelines. They also develop plans for company growth and improvement of sales.

Implement Brand Strategies

Country Managers are responsible for building a company’s brand in a specific country or region. They devise advertising and promotional plans and are involved in product positioning and global brand marketing development.

Generate Progress Reports

Country Managers continually assess company progress, sales and marketing successes and compile reports to submit to superiors in corporate headquarters. They present reports regarding budgets, sales growth or declines, new business leads and regulatory compliance.

Recruit and Train Staff

It is typically up to Country Managers to oversee the hiring and training of staff in a particular region. Country Managers can be involved in staff selection, training development, scheduling and ongoing professional development of employees.


  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Management or a related field (preferably a Master's degree).

  • Postgraduate degree in Sales, Finance, or similar is also acceptable.(Preferred)

  • A good knowledge around budgeting.

  • A good knowledge base of the country/region, and a willingness to learn.

  • The ability to provide excellent customer service.

  • Good people-management skills.

  • Experience living abroad is advantageous.

  • Sensitivity to different cultural norms.

  • Business level Japanese (bonus - not required.)

If this is you, then email your resume at and join our list!