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Affiliate & Influencer Marketing

Expand your sales channels with local affiliates and influencers.
  • You can build your sales force with direct consumers and influencers without spending money and time hiring sales reps.

  • Get your brand be known by Japanese market partnering with local influencers and celebrities.

  • From finding influencers to communicating with ones, ForeignConnect provide one stop solutions for all things affiliates and influencer marketing.

Examples Of Affiliate Platforms


3500 USD/
First Month
5000 USD/
First Month
2 Person's Work with Salary Of 1 Person 
1 x Influencer Manager 
1 x Affiliate Manager 
Entire Platform Set Up Being Done For You
List Of 50-100 Potential Partners 
Reaching Out To The List 
Reach Out Automation Set Up Done For You
1 Month Full Communication Management 
FAQ Page Build For You (Automation)
List Of 100-150 Potential Partners 
Influencer Contents Repurpose Management 
Sales Coaching For Partners 

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